Why is there a need for on-site massage? We are not made to sit all day. Computer work is hard on the neck, shoulders, and hands (especially the mouse hand). Talking on the phone with the phone propped between the shoulder and the ear causes muscle tension and imbalance. We do out work looking down at a desk or with our head forward looking at a screen. Poor posture, a forward head, rounded shoulders, and repetitive motions can add up to neck and shoulder pain, headaches and pain and numbness in the hands and arms. Not to mention the lower back discomfort caused by prolonged sitting! Chair massage addresses all these areas efficiently.

On-site chair massage is administered on a specially designed, portable massage chair. It is not necessary for the client to undress, so chair massage lends itself especially well to the corporate setting.

Chair massage delivers the benefits of the tradition table massage, including:
- Decrease muscle tension, pain, and stiffness of muscles and joints
- Decreased stress and stress-related illness
- Decreased blood pressure
- Increased circulation and oxygenation
- Increase lymphatic drainage, improved immune system

A twenty minute char massage has been shown to increase mental acuity, concentration, math skills, and job performance. Regular chair massage reduces sick time off from work and increases employee satisfaction. On-site corporate chair massage expresses nurturing and caring on the part of the employer and elevates the employee's perception of the employer!